Re: [Vala] [Re] SQLite3 in Windows

Thanks for posting this information, I was just going to port some software that uses SQLite3 and Vala over 
to Windows. Perfect timeing on your part.
Markus Schulz

Leoncio Gil <lgg2lgg2 gmail com> wrote:


Although seems that there is no one interested in Vala inside Windows, I
will post the solution to the problem.

After search and try a lot I have solved the problem.

1.- Download the MinGW (the "get-inst" one). Yes, It's come with valac for
Windows, but it is needed a tool that it doesn't come with valac.
2.- In tha case of sqlite3 (can be helpfull as guide) edit the file
"sqlite3.def" and insert "LIBRARY sqlite3.dll" at the begin. Then run
x:\MinGW\bin\dlltool -d sqlite3.def -l libsqlite3.dll.a
3.- Copy the sqlite3.h file to Vala's "include" directory and the ".def"
and ".dll.a" to the "lib" directory. Copy sqlite3.dll to "Windows\system32"
4.- Now can compile the ".vala" file as valac -X -mwindows -X lsqlite3
--pkg=sqlite3 test.vala

A last thing: GLib's "printf" can work against Windows command line (aka
MS-DOS window)?


2011/9/5 Leoncio Gil <lgg2lgg2 gmail com>


Some one has try to use SQLite3 under Windows?.

I have copy sqlite3.h and sqlite2ext.h to Valas's include directory and the
sqlite3.dll to Windows\system32 but I am getting errors of type:
":(.text+0x142): undefined reference to 'sqlite3_exec' "

There is any .vapi file for sqlite3 under Windows? (I thinks that this is
what is making problems)



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