Re: [Vala] Increasing the array_length in vapi by 1

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 12:55 AM, Shawn Ferris <shawn ferris gmail com>wrote:

Hey All -- I have a binding where the method requires a uchar[] and a
length. Currently it works correctly in that the generated C passes the
correct length. Unfortunately, the length it's expecting is really length +
1. Is there any way to manipulate that through CCode to simplify the
binding? or do I have to disable array_length and explicitly pass the
+ 1?

You can create an helper method such as:

[CCode (cname = "this_is_the_real_function")]
private void _foo (uchar[] bar);
public void foo (uchar[] bar) {
  _foo (bar);

-- - The Universal Operating System

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