[Vala] [newbie] Help editing PNG images with Vala?


I've been trying to learn Vala, and I've assigned myself a few tasks to get started. I'm pretty fluent in C# (.NET), so Vala syntax hasn't been much of a problem.

Currently, I'm trying to move beyond some of the basics, and write a command line program with the following requirements: 1. The program must edit a png file, modifying each pixel according to an internal algorithm. 2. The program must *not* load the entire file into the memory; it should only load and edit one row of pixels at a time, and save them after each edit. This will allow for editing huge files. 3. The program must be able to run on both Windows and Linux. I'm currently stuck in a Windows environment because my main box is having problems.

Can anyone help me get started with this? If I use libpng, do I need to write a .vapi file for it? Any particular challenges I will run into?


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