Re: [Vala] opengl and gtk+-3.0

Is there any way right now to open a GL context up inside of a GTK+3
window using vala?

I've been trying to automatically parse the headers glext.h and glxext.h so I 
could use OpenGL functions that aren't available in the current gl.vapi 
(anything beyond OpenGL 1.3). So far, I've managed to produce bindings for the 
functions and the constants defined in both headers. I'm not sure what to do 
with the types, though.

Is there anywhere I can go to find out what all the [IntegerType (rank=9)] stuff 
means, and how I decide to use rank=9 versus rank=7 or 6, or whatever number 
strikes my fancy?

I've attached my progress so far. There are two python  files; each of them 
parse the header they are named after. Two directories need to be present
before either script runs: intermediates and xintermediates.

To run the script, type:

python debug

The scripts produces 4 things:
1. and 2.) A "constants.vapi" and "functions.vapi" file either in intermediates 
or xintermediates, depending on whether the parser is for GL or GLX.

3.) A debug log

4.) A list of the types used in each function printed to the command line. This 
is so I have an easy-to-reference list of the types used in the .vapi that need 

On Mon Jun 5 2011, august wrote:
Are there .vapi's that work with openGL and GTK+-3.0?

any examples?

thanks -august.

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