Re: [Vala] install vala + valide to ubuntu 10.10

hi gavrilov, edwin,

i just tried to install again using ppa:vala-team
the installation seems successful but i can't use valac
here's what i did. after installation, i opened valac and created a new
project of type GTK+
after typing a few chars, the program just quit with no message

monodevelop is out of question for me, i just quit using m$ related stuff
for about 2 years now, and it seems quite enjoyable.

thank you for the quick answer ;)

On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Edwin DLCA <edwinspire gmail com> wrote:

I am new to vala.
I currently use MonoDevelop works relatively well.
But honestly, until you have an IDE that works is better to use the
command line.

2011/6/8 Victor D. <victor dramba gmail com>

hi all,

i tried to install vala+valide on my system but failed several times with
different reasons
right now, i am using linux mint 10 (based on ubuntu 10.10)
can you help or point me to a good, idiot-proof how to?

of course, it's much more convenient not to compile things, if possible

Best regards,
Victor Dramba

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Best regards,
Victor Dramba
Head of Programming at Cabanova

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