Re: [Vala] complication error: Unbable to serialize a callback(by delegate) for Dbus(using GDBus)

On 14 يول, 2011 م 01:08, Tal Hadad wrote:

This doesn't make any sense...
Take a look in this example:
This method is a callback when the list of names is ready(because it's asyns method).
Also, it doesn't make any sense that DBus ask the client for the list of addresses...

What I suggested is to declare your function as:

public abstract string[] list_names ();

i.e. with no argument and a string[] as return type. But since you're talking about async, you may try to add async to this definition:

public async abstract string[] list_names ();

(btw, I don't know DBus, I'm just trying to help)


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