[Vala] HashTable oddity

Hi all,

I use a HashTable (GLib) to count how ofter some strings occur within a
file. If I define the HashTable dupl_map as "new HashTable<string,
uint?>(str_hash, str_equal)" and a "uint? current_count", I can do a test
"if ((current_count = dupl_map.lookup(str)) != null)" and then either
increment and re-insert the current_count or else create a new entry.

However, since I never store null as value, I would prefer to declare a
HashTable<string, uint> -- without the theoretically unnecessary question
mark. If I do so, however, the test "((current_count = dupl_map.lookup(str))
!= null)" never becomes true (even though current_count is still an uint? ).
Instead of the null value that the HashTable should return for unknown keys,
it returns a numeric 0. That contradicts the documentation and makes the
usage of HashTables with non-nullable values impossible.

I suppose the problem is caused by the fact that the declaration of the
method in glib-2.0.vapi is wrong. Instead of

        public unowned V lookup (K key);

it should be

        public unowned V? lookup (K key);

to allow returning null even if V itself is non-nullable.

Is this a known issue or should I report a bug? I use Vala 0.13.1.

Thanks and best regards

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