Re: [Vala] Further speculations on couroutines, generators and threads : Emulating Go's goroutines and channels in Vala

Simulating  Go's goroutines and channels in Vala:

I was exposed a long time ago to CSP channels in Occam.
I'm really surprised that it didn't get adopted more widely.
Occam makes channels really easy. If your first exposure
to channels is from C, you might be less convinced about
the convenience of channels compared to other methods
of synchronizing/inter-process communication. But, if
you've done it in Occam, you will think everything else

Go appears to have syntactic support for CSP channels
too. But I haven't really gone far into Go (Vala is
taking up a lot of my time now :-)

Hopefully Vala will someday (soon) has syntactic
support for channel that is as easy as in Occam.

And hopefully Luca Bruno will continue the fantasy
to episode 2.

Nor Jaidi Tuah

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