Re: [Vala] V4l2 - STREAMON Fails


It's not clear what your problem is, can you explain exactly what you
did, what you expected, and what error you got?

Anyway, see below for a guess at a solution.

                           في ر، 19-01-2011 عند 21:42 +0800 ، كتب Ervin:
One thing i noticed in the converted c code are following lines:
BufferType type = 0;
            if (ioctl (self->priv->fd, VIDIOC_STREAMON, type) == (-1)) {

Why is the BufferType not converted to something like

enum v4l2_buf_type?
That's probably a bug in the vapi, try adding cname to the CCode
annotation like :
[CCode (cprefix="V4L2_BUF_TYPE_", cname="enum v4l2_buf_type")]

and should the parameter "type" in my ioctl be prepended with "&", thus
making it "&type"?

I'm confused, is this supposed to be a question or an affirmation?
Anyway, if it should be &type, then you should write it as &type in the
vala file.


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