Re: [Vala] gtkaml 0.2.11 and 0.2.12 released

I think that would be really nice. In fact is that json can represent mostly the same structures as xml. And 
it is far more easy for humans.

What i dont see here is how cdata can be represented. Because it will break json compatibility.. Maybe adding 
a comment in a specific form? Like /*-- ...--*/

The g:public will not be a valid json dict key. So maybd g.public can be used here.

As we need to parse comments , this will require a self written json parser.

It shouldnt be hard to write a proof of concept in perl to translate json to xml before running gtkaml.. Or 
internally in gtkaml. If file extension is .gtkson it will do the translation and then inteernally parse the 

Will think on that. I think it will be an interesting feature to have.

Another thing i would love to havd in gtkaml is support for fastvapis. Any volunteer here?  

On 15/10/2010, at 21:32, Frederik <scumm_fredo gmx net> wrote:

Vlad Grecescu wrote:
Gtkaml is an markup language that reuses the Vala compiler to write Gtk+
widgets through casual XML.

<HBox homogeneous="false">
     <Label label="_Hello" with-mnemonic="true" expand="false"
     <Entry g:public="my_entry" text="World! "/>

 * compact XML syntax for describing Gtk widgets


have you considered using a more JSON-like syntax instead of XML?

HBox {
   homogeneous: false
   Label {
       label: "_Hello"
       with-mnemonic: true
       expand: false
       fill: false
   Entry {
       g:public: "my_entry"
       text: "World!

(similar to JavaFX Script and QML)

Most people do not enjoy writing XML by hand. And the code islands
would not have to be embedded in <![CDATA[ ]]> blocks.

Otherwise I think people will not see the difference to loading the UI
at runtime via GtkBuilder.

Best regards,

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