Re: [Vala] gtkaml 0.2.11 and 0.2.12 released

Vlad Grecescu wrote:
Gtkaml is an markup language that reuses the Vala compiler to write Gtk+
widgets through casual XML.

<HBox homogeneous="false">
      <Label label="_Hello" with-mnemonic="true" expand="false"
      <Entry g:public="my_entry" text="World! "/>

  * compact XML syntax for describing Gtk widgets


have you considered using a more JSON-like syntax instead of XML?

HBox {
    homogeneous: false
    Label {
        label: "_Hello"
        with-mnemonic: true
        expand: false
        fill: false
    Entry {
        g:public: "my_entry"
        text: "World!

(similar to JavaFX Script and QML)

Most people do not enjoy writing XML by hand. And the code islands
would not have to be embedded in <![CDATA[ ]]> blocks.

Otherwise I think people will not see the difference to loading the UI
at runtime via GtkBuilder.

Best regards,


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