Re: [Vala] [Genie] Generic of a Generic, dict hash/eval overrides

It's a Genie issue now, since they are private properties but can be
constructed with the hash/equal functions (just like GHashTable).

Can we get support for this added in before the next valac release?
Suboptimally I'm having to use a GLib.HashTable instead of a dict.

On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 9:22 AM, Jamie McCracken <jamie mccrack gmail com>wrote:

On Fri, 2010-06-04 at 00:08 -0400, Arc Riley wrote:
What is the intended syntax for something like this:

blobs : list of array of uint8

The best I've found so far is
struct bytes
    value : array of uint8
blobs : list of bytes

Which is less desirable as its more verbose to refer to and generates
less-clean code.  For this specific case it'd be awesome to have an
"bytes" type counterpart to the "string" type.

Also, reading

The big advantage of embedding lists and dicts in the language is that
makes it much easier for the developer to make use of them. It also
genie can make decisions about which hashing and equal functions to use
based on the types (Eg for a dict of string,string it would use the
g_str_hash and g_str_equal functions automatically although you could
course specify different ones by setting the properties explicitly)
in vala you would have to type something like :

var map = new Gee.HashMap<string, string>(GLib.str_hash,

There seems to be a problem in that these HashMap properties are

The Pythonic way would be for the key type to have a hash and equal
functions and for the dict to use these when present, but it appears
undocumented how to set these functions explicitly.

Its a libgee issue AFAICT - they used to expose hash and equal functions
but have  hidden them when I last looked


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