Re: [Vala] Commit that breaks MarkupParseContext

IMHO it's a bit misleading to not mark them as static, since setting the
callback as a method on an object other than the user_data passed to the
MarkupParseContext will break.

I agree, the new way of doing it is a bit harder to deal with, but it
isn't misleading about will work. I'm in favor of leaving it as it
currently is, but I'm happy to listen to differing opinions. Mickey, 
Jiří, what do you think? Sandino, I'm assuming you prefer the old way?


On Tue, 2010-01-26 at 14:47 -0600, Sandino Flores Moreno wrote:

There was a change that breaks the normal usage of the MarkupParseContext.

The url for that commit is:

The problem, is that now it does not allow methods to be used as
callbacks, and it also introduces
 the parameter void * userdata that is not needed at all.

For example, this class implements a markup parser that dumps to a KeyFile:

That class parses markup files like the next one:

It was working fine before that commit. But now it does not compile.

Please. revert that commit.

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