Re: [Vala] Delegates in generic classes


2010/1/20 Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey vanille-media de>:
this works so far, but I can't seem to add a method that actually calls
the callback, e.g. adding

public void callit()
       this.cb<T>( new T() );
I have 2 comments on this : it should be just this.cb(..) , <T> is not
needed, and new T() doesn't make sense to me. >
leads to an assertion at compile time:

ERROR:valasemanticanalyzer.c:2737:vala_semantic_analyzer_get_actual_type: assertion failed: (instance_type 
!= NULL)
You're right, it doesn't work. (I've only tried calling the passed cb
directly from the creation method, and assumed it would also work :-S)


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