Re: [Vala] Delegates in generic classes


2010/1/20, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <mickey vanille-media de>:

the attached source file fails to compile with:

foo.vala:19.34-19.46: error: Argument 1: Cannot convert from
`myIntCallback' to `GenericClass.Callback'
      var gc = new GenericClass<int>( myIntCallback );

Apparantly, Vala does not recognize the equality of the generic
and the concrete type. Is there any way to work around that?
The workaround I see is to use a generic delegate instead of a
delegate-in-a-generic-class, still this needs an explicit cast, but it
works :

public delegate void Callback<T>( T element );

public class GenericClass<T>
        private Callback<T> cb;

        public GenericClass(Callback<T> cb)
                this.cb = cb;

public void myIntCallback( int element )
        message( @"$element" );

void main()
        var gc = new GenericClass<int>((Callback<int>) myIntCallback);


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