Re: [Vala] Vala safe to use for development?

As far as I know (Jürg, please speak up if I'm wrong) the core Vala syntax
is to stay like it is until 1.0 except some possible additions, such as the new
array slice syntax or the string templates. We will hopefully see tuples as well.

We will see more changes in the bindings though, which can lead to code that
does no longer compile (e.g. because of ownership changes such as recently
seen in gio).

Please also be aware of the potential business risk: While Vala is pretty solid for many
types of programs (it's self-hosted after all), if you are using certain experimental
features you will run into problems every now and then. There are hundreds of open
bugs in the Bugtracker and programs that involve dbus, async, closures, complex nested
data structures, etc. might turn out to be less stable as you would want them to be.

Still, using Vala in a project is a great efficiency-booster and I would advise you to
do it. Perhaps you might even find a chance to contribute to it.



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