[Vala] [Genie] multi-line structs

A syntax quirk that I found a bit obnoxious:

  const entries : array of OptionEntry = { \
    { "config", 'c', OptionFlags.IN_MAIN, \
      OptionArg.FILENAME, ref config, \
      "Use alternative configuration", "FILE" }, \
    { "license", 'L', OptionFlags.IN_MAIN, \
      OptionArg.NONE, ref license, \
      "Print software license and exit", null }, \
    { "version", 'V', OptionFlags.IN_MAIN, \
      OptionArg.NONE, ref version, \
      "Print version information and exit", null }, \
    {null} }

The \ shouldn't be needed inside {}, but valac reports an error of
unexpected indentation(etc) without it.  Is there a way to do this without
escaping the line breaks or can we get this improved for the next valac

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