Re: [Vala] Patching valac source for a Launchpad PPA

Thanks Michael, but this got too hairy (too easy to miss something, and could prevent .vala files being recompiled when they should be).

Source packages appear to be Ok depending on a binary they build so I've created a patch to do this and attached it to

Vala team: Maybe this should be a bugzilla report, but as the debian control files are not in the git repository, launchpad seemed to be a more appropriate place.


On 04/27/2010 12:42 AM, Michael Wild wrote:

On 27. Apr, 2010, at 24:14 , Darren Warner wrote:

Apologies, this is a Launchpad question, but it is quite vala-specific.

I'm uploading a patched valac to my own launchpad PPA. The problem I'm coming across is that the timestamps 
of the generated/included .c files must be later than their corresponding .vala files, otherwise the build 
process tries to invoke valac, which of course is not there in a PPA/pbuilder environment.

I've tried not using quilt to maintain patches and simply made the changes to the source tree, but both .vala 
and .c files still get updated timestamps.

I'm thinking this must be a problem maintainers of vala packages have already come across and solved, so any 
help would be appreciated.



How about first touching all .c and .h files before invoking make in your build rule?


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