Re: [Vala] Icon for Vala

On Wed, 2009-10-07 at 21:03 +0400, Харин Роман wrote:
Wolter Hellmund пишет:

Gnome Lamp

No doubt this lamp (cartoonish) will be best. With dark-blue (navy)

Кто все эти люди, а? / Who are all these people, eh?

Well, "she" is known as Vala as well. My doubt is, was the creator
(interpret as collective if necessary) thinking in *that* Vala while he
named the language? I think he has the priority of deciding which will
the icon be.
I will start creating an icon like that lamp in the picture quoted in
this message (gnome.1.gif). I will post my work soon.
Best regards,
Wolter Hellmund

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