Re: [Vala] Bug in gtk+-2.0.vapi

I've tried to port some Gtkmm example to vala and after I changed the vapi it works (see attachment).
May be its wrong.

Thanks for response.
I will think about it.


2009/5/29 Frederik <scumm_fredo gmx net>
Uwe Strempel wrote:
> Hi,
> I've found another one in gtk+-2.0.vapi.
> class Container
> following is wrong
>    public virtual void forall (Gtk.Callback callback, void* callback_data);
> should be
>     public virtual void forall (bool include_internals, Gtk.Callback
> callback);

Hi Uwe,

there was a bug regarding this issue:

You can use now:

 forall_internal (bool include_internals, Gtk.Callback callback);

>     In class Widget.
>     I' think
>     size_allocate is wrong
>     before:
>     public virtual signal void size_allocate (Gtk.Allocation  allocation);
>     after change:
>     public virtual signal void size_allocate (ref Gtk.Allocation
>     allocation);
>     I don't know if signal works with ref, but the vala compiler creates
>     const GtkAllocation * instead GtkAllocation.

The type is Gdk.Rectangle, not Gtk.Allocation - I'm not sure why.
I don't think that 'allocation' should be a 'ref' argument. In contrast
to 'requisition' in 'size_request()' it is not meant to be changed by
the method. GTK+ doesn't consequently use const struct pointers for
arguments where it actually should do. The Vala way is better but it
produces a "discards qualifiers from pointer target type" gcc warning
when overriding this method.

Best Regards,


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