[Vala] Vala 0.7.3 & glib <2.14


I was prodded by a user today to update the package of Vala available
in maemo.org Extras (allowing Vala apps to be built in the
auto-builder and deployed easily to users through the Hildon
Application Manager).

Unfortunately, 0.7.3 depends on g_regexp_split_simple - which was
introduced in glib 2.14. Unfortunately, Maemo 4 only has glib 2.12
(Maemo 5, which is currently in the form of a beta SDK has glib 2.14
but isn't going to be released for current devices).

This issue cropped up a year ago:


Then, the code in valac to rely on the regexp functions was backed
out. Is that feasible here, or do I need to start maintaining a patch
set for glib 2.12 compatibility (a lot more work than simply packaging
it :-/)?

Thanks in advance,


Andrew Flegg -- mailto:andrew bleb org  |  http://www.bleb.org/
Maemo Community Council chair

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