[Vala] using liststore objects

Hi Yu,

Thanks again,
With your post I began to understand something abou the name convention and style settings. Now I try to do some test. In order to set GTK properties do you think it always be this way for ever? I was asking why one can't set properties directly like code :
widget.backcolor = clRed;
widget.Font = new Font( "Arial", 8, style.regular);

It is so simply and natural. Is there some unknown thing under X11 or whatever else we don't know ? . I remember when I learned about objects and properties .... and so what is the definition of GTK+ ?. Scuse me , I am a little critic , but I spent 12 days to fight whit GTK to make a little form with 2 TreeView-Listview and some buttons. With this time with sharpdevelop on windows I realized a whole report designer with property editor and browser field. That said, I like vala because I think it is a good bridge from windows to linux without any runtime level between. I agree with your sentence : "you might have to settle with this situation" , in order to vala, but I understend people at scribus that decided to convert all from GTK+ to QT.

Okay , I still have to solve :

- ListStore Header column resize
- ListStore grid visible , thikness and color.
- ListStore invisible columns
- ListStore  background image or background color
- Widget border width and color

... and last but not least Code completion and list of available packages in valide.

Can you suggest some specific code snippet of people that already did it. ? , Don't get me wrong I don't want abuse of your kindness , I just want help to realize a minimum application right to better evaluate vala.

Thansk  a lot.

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