[Vala] using List class object

I was trying to use this test code in windows env with vala 0.7.2 installed :

using GLib;

       GLib.List<string> list = new GLib.List<string> ();
           list.add ("one");
           list.add ("amore");
           list.add ("pippo");
           list.add ("Ava");
           //list.insert (2, 3);
           //list.remove_at (3);
       stdout.printf ("%s\n", list.nth_data (0));
       foreach (string pi in list) {
               stdout.printf ("%s\n", pi);
but when I try to compile the compiler seems to compile correctly , but doesn,' generate the .exe code. I checked the \vapi\Glib-2.0.vapi and I found the List class. What wrong ? in this http://live.gnome.org/Vala/GeeSamples is specified to use a using Gee; statement , but i don't have any libGee.a in ..\vala-0.7.2\lib\.

could you help me please.

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