[Vala] Nested anonymous struct

Dear list,

Currently the vala compiler (0.7.2) doesn't compiler the following code:

public struct Large {
        public struct {
                int small;
                int verysmall;
        }  foo;

neither does it accept the code in a vapi file.

One year ago Sam expressed the need in a mail[1].

The feature will also be convenient for writing vapi bindings of C
libraries (eg, libyaml) that makes extensive use of anonymous struct.

There doesn't seem to be a feature request on bugzilla yet.
I am curious if there is any intention to implement the anonymous struct
in the future, and if a patch is welcomed, which part of the compiler is
relevant, and what will be the technical obstacles.



[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/vala-list gnome org/msg00818.html

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