Re: [Vala] why this new and innovative programming language called Vala?

Another possibility could be the Seeress Vala . . from which the Völuspá came.

 . . . mixing past and future together ;-) . . .

Seeress: an ancient mythological character, who's able to foresee.
Language: Somehow innovativ idea and "new" programming language utilizing "ancient" C

 . . . or something like that :-P . . .

Am 06.05.2009, 12:27 Uhr, schrieb Daniel Lucraft <dan fluentradical com>:

On Tue, 2009-05-05 at 21:37 +0100, Sam Liddicott wrote:
Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> Jürg has denied it, but we all know that secretly Jürg is a big fan and
> stalker of Vala Mal Doran.
> Another reason is the French word voila. As in "Voila! That's how you do
> it!"
> We'll never know, Jürg has so far denied any guess we made at
> conferences and meetings.
> Which means that Vala comes from Vala Mal Doran. I mean, woah!
My guess is from Tolkein:

That's why I called my Ruby binding generator for Vala "Valar" !

Also because it's Vala + R.


Daniel Benjamin Lucraft
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