Re: [Vala] Libgee's Roadmap proposal

Didier "Ptitjes" <ptitjes    > writes:

Jiří Zárevúcky wrote:
2009/7/20 Didier "Ptitjes" <ptitjes <at>>:
- Are there some things missing ?

Could you fit in making Map interface a Collection? It is technically
a collection of key-value pairs, and I see no reason why the interface
shouldn't reflect it. :)

Yeah. I agree on that, hence my question in the first mail about
exposing an interface for map entries (that key/value pairs).

How is that possible, the methods' signatures do not match:
  - Collection.add (G item) vs. Map.set (K key, V value)
  - Collection.contains (G item) vs. Map.contains (K key)
  - Collection.remove (K item) vs. Map.remove (K key)

Collection implements Iterable which provides this method: Iterator<G>
iterator () whereas it should be Iterator<Pair<K, V>> iterator () for Map.

I'm looking forward to your answers.

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