Re: [Vala] mod_vala (was Removal of Mono)

Michael B. Trausch wrote:
On Tue, 30 Jun 2009, Jeremy wrote:
Maybe mod_mono (for apache) is an example of the sort of dependency I
was thinking of:

  That would be my blog post. I do still think a "mod_vala" would be a
*great* idea. Unfortunately, I feel it best to suggest that focusing on
improving the documentation might be a better goal. Both flavors of
syntax are great; but anyone coming in, either knowing another language
or just new to programming, will be discouraged when they can't find the
answers. After all, it's really difficult to RTFM when there's no
(finished) FM.  I mean, imagine if you did "man sbrk",  and at "RETURN
VALUE" it just said "To be completed..." (;

Hrm. A "mod_vala" might be okay, but it would be necessarily non-portable. Why not have a FastCGI library for GObject instead, and then Vala (or C) can be used to create applications that use the FastCGI protocol run run behind a Web server?

The FastCGI library could be a bare, low-level thing that just implemented the protocol, and have a layer that sat on top of it to provide more reasonable interface to the proess and make it easy to work with. That would accomplish something along the lines of a mod_vala, but it would not only work with Apache, but a fair lot of other Web servers, as well.

    --- Mike

You know, I was actually thinking about that after I'd sent the e-mail. Either FastCGI or SCGI should work, and wouldn't be locked into a specific server. There'd be no issue of constantly re-running a binary (ala CGI) since it'd essentially hang out and wait for the server to call it - essentially, the application becomes a sort of data source. At least, that's how I understood it worked, please correct me if I'm wrong.


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