Re: [Vala] just a suggestion

:) My outline proposal:

   * GNOME Platform Overview
   * The Vala Programming Language
   * Quick Introduction to Vala for C# and Java Programmers
   * A Simple Console Application
   * Strings and Regular Expressions
   * Collections, Lists, Maps and Sets
   * Parsing Command Line Parameters
   * Reading and Writing Data, File Management
   * A First GUI Application
   * Signals and Properties
   * Layout Management
   * Dialogs
   * Rapid GUI Development with Glade
   * Model-View-Controller
   * 2D Vector Graphics
   * Creating Custom Widgets
   * Animations and Effects with Clutter
   * 3D with OpenGL
   * Multimedia: Audio and Video
   * Reading and Writing Application Configurations
   * Embedding the Browser Engine WebKit
   * Displaying PDF Documents
   * Inter-Process Communication
   * Network Communication
   * Database Access and Data Widgets
   * Threads
   * Scripting (Lua, _javascript_)
   * Setting Up a Build System
   * Internationalization
   * Creating Your Own Library

I'm agree with this suggestion. Of course adding a science chapter as proposed Yu Feng.

Some one create a wiki here:
I will help with everything i can. Also i'm insterest in a spanish translation of this book


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