[Vala] Vala moved to git


the vala repository has been moved from svn.gnome.org to git.gnome.org.
The old svn repository is still accessible but read-only.

You can check out the repository using:

  git clone git://git.gnome.org/vala

or, if you have an account on gnome.org:

  git clone ssh://<username>@git.gnome.org/git/vala

You can also browse it online using cgit:


The existing ChangeLog file has been renamed and will not be used
anymore to track changes. We will use commit messages in the usual git
format (short summary line followed by further explanations). A
GNU-formatted ChangeLog file will be generated when creating tarballs.
This avoids conflicts in the ChangeLog file when merging.

Patches are preferred in the git patch format (mailing list or bugzilla)
to simplify applying while retaining author, date, and commit message. A
git repo to pull from is fine as well, of course.

Thanks to Kristian, Owen, and Ryan for taking care of the migration. If
you notice a migration issue in the repo, please let me know as soon as


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