Re: [Vala] [Having fun with Vala] Multiboot kernel using Vala!

* Yu Feng wrote, On 11/02/09 16:35:
Hi Matias,

I am curious about how GLib was staticly linked to your kernel. I didn't
see any flags on this in your makefile.


On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 12:45 -0200, Matías De la Puente wrote:
 Hello all!,

I was playing with vala to see if it's posible to write a minimal
kernel using vala.
Based in the multiboot sample
(, I was able to wrote a minimal multiboot kernel in vala. ;)
I wrote a multiboot binding and a video binding for displaying the
In the attachment there's the code and a iso file to use with an
emulator, I use: qemu -m 8 -cdrom cdrom.iso
For compiling the code you need nasm, gcc, vala and genisoimage. Use
make cdrom.iso to build the image of the iso
You can download the code from here:

Have fun ;)
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