Re: [Vala] string property problem

?? 2009-12-30???? 14:22 +0100??Abderrahim Kitouni??????


2009/12/30 xiaohu <xiaohu417 gmail com>:
does Vala 0.7.8/0.7.9 generate bad code for string property?
I just tried your code below on vala 0.7.8 and it works ok.


If use Vala 0.7.5, generated C code and program has not this problem.

i have install vala0.7.8/0.7.9 from source, and install prefix is
It may be this, did you set LD_LIBRARY_PATH? (or alternatively /etc/

is it vapi problem? i remove system's vala rpm package, and use
--vapidir specify $HOME/somedir/../vapi,
everythings will be ok.



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