Re: [Vala] Libgee problem


2009/12/9 Jamie McCracken <jamie mccrack googlemail com>:
On Wed, 2009-12-09 at 20:50 +0100, Nicolas wrote:
In fact, i'm using genie, because i love the syntax.
I making all the available examples in

But the problem i encountering here, i can encounter it with other
languages, because i don't know about the programming techniques.

In Genie we automatically determine the hash function to use based on
type (unlike vala which has to specify the hash function)

We currently only support string, int and objects/pointers as the key
part of the dict and I believe it will default to g_direct in case of a
Double which is likely the cause of your problems

Does anyone know what the correct hash function is for doubles in glib?

it's g_double_{hash,equal}, but they are only available since 2.22.
(and not bound in vala;-)). It may be too early to depend on them
(maybe you can make it conditional on --target-glib)


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