Re: [Vala] [RFC] Testing framework improvements

Hi Jan,

2009/8/6 Jan Hudec <bulb ucw cz>

Julien Peeters <jj peeters    > writes:
We wrote a TestFixture class which wraps
the TestCase class of GLib.Test namespace and make tests use Vala style

Our work in only in the master branch of libgee (see
for the moment. I have planned to improve this little framework and make
become an independant library if that will make sense.

I advice you to also see and follow this bug report

Thanks. I'll look at it. I am kind of starting to like the idea of library
GIR-based external runner, so I'll look whether it would make sense to do
that on top of the fixture class (the runner needs something to look for
anyway, so it would need a fixture class in the end).

Do you think the framework will be large enough to warrant separate
Though perhaps if support for fixtures with temporary directories,
tests and various other goodies are added it will be.


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