Re: [Vala] How is the status of vala-doc project?

On Mon, 2008-10-27 at 13:54 +0100, Florian Brosch wrote:
Hi Yu,

basic stuff should work fine. There are few issues I'm about to solve:
It is not possible to add a code-related comment upper or after a
documentation comment because they are merged to one by libvala. I'm
about to improve that part. (Struct-copy and documentation handling.
See #529040\valac) When the changes are done we will also have correct
line numbers in our warning- and error-messages.

There are also some very small style-related things I have to change.
(Different symbols for methods, symbols for constants, larger text;
such stuff.) I like to waith until we have the first library with full
documentation, to make my life easier.

Following taglets are shiped with valadoc:
- @see [Symbol] (All symbols)
- @return [Description] (Methods)
- @throws [Exception, Description] (Methods, Signals, Delegates)
- @version [Version]
- @parameter [Name, Description] (Methods, Signals, Delegates)

There is no context-check right now.

- { @inheritDoc }
- { @link [Symbol] }

Stuff i like to add in future:
 - Devhelp integration
  -- devhelp2-files (They like to add a language-switch)
  -- A gtk-doc-like output.
 - Deprecated-Tag @deprecated [Version, Description] (Or an
valac-attribute. I think a warning could be nice at valac-level.)
 - Since-Tag @since [Version]
 - gtk-doc-Translation (C-Code+gtk-doc comments)
 - External documentation / Documentation-Import
 - Wiki-Parser

A small example:
 - vala-File:
 - Command: valadoc -o FOO foo.vala
 - Output:

Thanks for the explanations Flo!

The example is already quite impressive and promising. I'll add valadoc
in gnome-globalmenu very soon.

I am not sure what you mean by gtk-doc-Translation? Do you mean
producing documents for how to operate the library in C? If so, the
feature will be extremely useful at least for me, since I am writing
some libraries intended to be called from C code.



 Flo / mog\Irc

On Sat, Oct 25, 2008 at 10:04 AM, Yu Feng <rainwoodman gmail com> wrote:

Can I use vala-doc to generate api documentation of my library written
in vala?

Are there any alternative methods?



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