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* Mihail Naydenov wrote, On 24/11/08 12:33:
Im writing a vapi for a C library (FreeImage)
I need to set the instance position to custom value (like second param) for some of the functions, but right now nothing else except first position
( 0 <= instance_pos < 1) and last (  instance_pos < 0) seams to work.

Is it planed this option to be full-featured anytime soon? I really need this to make the api consistent.

PS Im sending this mail a second time because it did not show up in the list, Im sorry if it is received twice by someone ...
3 times;
14th November, 23rd November, 24th November.

It was answered on 14th November by Jürg:

On Fri, 2008-11-14 at 04:29 -0800, Mihail Naydenov wrote:
> Hi,
> I started writing a vapi for a c library and I want to use
> instance_pos to set the place of the instance parameter. 
> Problem is, I need it to be the *second param*, but instance_pos = 1
> or instance_pos = 2 remove it altogether.
> I tested it a bit end it turned out 0 > values < 1 - make it the first
> param, values < 0 - make it the last, and thats about it.

Try instance_pos = 1.1 - this inserts the instance parameter after the
first parameter.


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