Re: [Vala] Va(a)lide : IDE for Vala !

I think Anjuta and Monodevelop are more complicated, my goal is closer
to gedit : minimalist, simple and extensible ;)

I totally agree with you. Monodevelop for (c#, VB, boo,..) and Anjuta
for c/c++.
VALA IDE have a especific needs and  it would be great for us in the
future your software.

The needs of Vala shouldn't be too far removed from the needs of C or C#.

Can we enumerate some things (possibly in a different thread) that
developers using Vala need from an IDE?
They could be implemented across the board in MD, Anjuta, and Valide,
and devs could have a nice range of options.

Fight Defective C++:

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