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On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 12:25 AM, Sam Liddicott <sam liddicott com> wrote:
Michael Lawrence wrote:

2008/6/27 Sam Liddicott <sam liddicott com>:
Please could vapigen generate the vala equivalent of it's C gir input files?

They would describe namespaces and classes, methods and CCode attributes so that offline tools could generate correct vala code.

Maybe also valac should have the option to do the same

It already does, --library. Though it still generates the old gidl format, probably because the gir format is not yet finalized.

Thanks - these represent the underlying C code, not the vala code.
They are not very useful to tools that want to write vala code or humans that want to write vala code and who want to know that the function parameters are.

I see. This brings an interesting point -- the current form of gir does not seem to have any way to indicate the language that implements the interface. Right now of course it is assumed to be C. It would probably work for Vala, but e.g. a code generator would not know that it needs to target Vala rather than C or something else. There are other considerations for cross-language support, like supporting dynamically-typed languages by making any type specifications optional.


Such files would also be the basis for automaticly generating vala api documentation.


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