[Vala] Connecting widgets delphi style

This connects widgets if they are declared as public static, which of course is no good really;

   public static Gtk.Entry dialer_entry;

   private void widget_connect() {
       weak List<Gtk.Widget> widgets = this.xml.get_widget_prefix("");
       Gtk.Widget ** sym;

       foreach (Gtk.Widget widget in widgets) {
if (!module.symbol (namespace + widget.name, out sym) && !module.symbol (widget.name, out sym)) { stdout.printf ("Symbol not found: %s\n", namespace + widget.name);
          } else {
stdout.printf("Connect Widget %s %p %p\n",widget.name, sym, *sym);


So I need to do object introspection to find the address of a named member of an instance.

Is this working in vala yet?


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