Re: [Vala] glib-enums as properties?


Yes definitely file a bug for that.

If you ever use valac and get any error or warning messages, there is
most likely a bug in the valac codegen.

And if you aren't sure whether something is a bug, file it anyway,
since the maintainers will typically pay much more attention to bug
reports than the mailing list. :) If it turns out to not be a bug, the
maintainers will be able to easily identify that and close it, no harm
done :).


2008/7/10 Hannes Matuschek <hmatuschek googlemail com>:

I've tried to define a enum from GLib (RegexCompileFlags) as a

The attached code fails to compile at C-level due missing definition of

Tested with current release and svn (rev. 1690)

Should I file a bug?


using GLib;

public class Main: Object
   Don't work:
     All but..

   Not found at all but defined in vapi:
     ProcessSignal, LocaleCategory

     ParamFlags,   --> 'G_TYPE_PARAM_FLAGS' defined in gobject/gparamspecs.h
     IOCondition   --> 'G_TYPE_IO_CONDITION' defined in gobject/gsourceclosure.h

 public RegexCompileFlags cflags { get; construct; }

 public static int main (string[] args)
   return 0;

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