Re: [Vala] Beginners question about keyboard input

Thanks for the responses!
That's great news about readline.

After I received the first reply, from Thomas, I got stuck into implementing it
and also expanded my "File and console I/O" page:

Important: my Genie tutorials are definitely a work-in-progress.
They are also intended to be informal and chatty, not like the
official docs. They also have some personal biases.

I'll add the readline technique later.

Barry Kauler

On 12/3/08, Clément DAVID <c david86 gmail com> wrote:
I just use it at vala-benchmarks and security take time :)

Of course for real application prefer readline.

2008/12/3 Frederik <scumm_fredo gmx net>:
David Keijser wrote:

I second this. readline is not only better but gets() is not even safe
(see man 3 gets)

I have created a patch with the beginning of GNU Readline bindings:
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