Re: [Vala] Hackers' Guide to Vala

On Mon, April 21, 2008 20:05, Rodney Lorrimar wrote:
As I have been browsing through the Vala code, I have started writing
a document about various aspects of Vala that would be interesting for
developers who would like to make their own changes.

Nice, thanks for writing this. Please also add a link to the Wiki to make
it a bit more discoverable.

So far it's not very complete, and possibly quite inaccurate, but I'm
sending this out so I can ask people what they would like to read in
this type of document. Also, it would be nice to collaborate, so if
you have written or would like to write about some aspect of Vala,
then please e-mail me. Lastly, since I am documenting a moving target,
Juerg, could you provide advice on any areas in particular I should
avoid studying because they are about to change significantly.

There are some refactorings in process, the most important one is probably
to move the backend-specific code from the CCodeGenerator class and the
different CodeNode classes to CCode*Binding classes to not have a single
huge class and backend-specific code in the core library.


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