Re: [Vala] Glib types.

On Die, 2007-03-13 at 22:29 -0300, Alexandre Moreira wrote:
Is there a reason why Vala doesn't use the Glib typedefs to ensure the
same size of variables in every machine (gint, gchar, etc) ?

I think it would be nice to have string expand to gchar * and at least
allow the user to use the others (as of now, gint gives an error)

gint, gchar, etc. are just typedefs to int, char, etc. as far as I know,
so that shouldn't make a difference - in contrast to e.g. gint64 which
Vala uses for its int64 type. We could easily switch to glib typedefs
but I don't see any advantages and it's not like they are that
widespread in GNOME C applications. I don't see a reason why we
shouldn't use glib typedefs either, so maybe you could explain why you
prefer gint to int?


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