Re: [Vala] Upcoming changes in object construction syntax

On Sam, 2007-03-10 at 00:19 -0600, Cayle Graumann wrote: 

        I'm having a hard time with the new creation syntax in vapi
files.  As of revision 228, It looks like the compiler is ignoring any
[CCode] directives when it sees a creation method definition .

You can see this with the String.sized method in glib-2.0.vala

Inside of vapi/glib-2.0.vala (line 1197)

      [CCode (cname = "g_string_sized_new")]
        public String.sized (ulong dfl_size);

However when you use this function like so

        var line = new String.sized(1024);

The compiler generates:

        GString* line = g_string_new_sized (1024);

instead of

        GString* line = g_string_sized_new (1024);

Thanks for the report. You can apply the attached patch to fix the


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