Re: [Vala] Hello and a question.

On Sam, 2007-03-03 at 13:13 -0300, Alexandre Moreira wrote:
Hello everyone. I've been following some of the development of Vala
without being a user for quite some time now.

Just joined the list (Thanks Jürg, for pointing the list) and would
like to make a question. Here it goes:

I'm writing something in Gtk+ (An extensible text editor to use as
basis for multiple IDE development) and considering to take advantage
to the fact that I have a lot of specification but not much
implementation, to migrate it to Vala.

Unfortunately I use a rather weird feature of GObject and I don't know
if Vala can do it. I thought you guys could help me figuring it.

The thing is, I wanna have an interface that describes a certain set
of functionality for some widgets I'll use, but one of the
requirements (as in extending interfaces) of such interface is that it
can only be implemented by descendants of GtkWidget.

Unfortunately GtkWidget is no interface, so I can't really extend an
interface there. However, using the same method for extending
interfaces, GObject allows me (and a whole bunch of Gtk+ code) to make
the interface require another "interface" called GtkWidget.

Is that possible with Vala ?
Not yet. We're still having some issues regarding multiple interfaces
and subtyping. I tried to solve that weeks ago but failed to get it
Question is: Is an Interface subtyping tree the same as interface
dependency? Can one be reduce to the other? This heavily influences if
we can apply java/c# style interfacing to vala or if we need to create
some new thing to reflect gobject interfaces.

One other thing I would need for this project and would like to know
is: Is there a set of wrapped definitions for GtkSourceView to use
with Vala projects ? If not, how hard would it be to make one ?
Not yet. GObject base libraries are generally pretty easy to wrap using
"vapigen" [1] to generate them automatically.

Thanks in advance,
Alexandre Moreira.

PS: I love the idea of this project, a nice syntax to generate the
same old boilerplate code we have to use everyday in Gtk+ programming
is awesome!


[1] svn://

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