[Utopia] Re: Power Manager Tooltip


On Wed, 27 Apr 2005 18:51:51 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:

> Okay, I'm asking for the collective advice from you all [1]:
> The tooltip for the main icon for G-P-M is planned to look like this
> (ignore hardware that doesn't exist):
> .----------------------------------------.
> | System is running on AC power          | LiION laptop battery #1 charged
> | (100%) | LiION laptop battery #2 charging (82%) | APC UPS charged (100%)
> |                 | Logitech MX-1000 wireless mouse (33%)  |
> ^----------------------------------------^
> UI questions:
> * Should a line have suffix of "(100%)" if it is "charged"
> * Should two batteries be lumped together as one "virtual battery"?

For the tooltip, I think yes. However there should be somewhere some
details about each battery/accumulator. Maybe a click on the icon would
show that level of details, or a "Details" entry in right click on icon ?
If it really helps, I can send you some screenshots of the IBM
power/battery manager for thinkpad. (but I have to boot in windoze for
that). It is providing a lot of info about batteries.

> * Should there be a blank line between "System .." and the first "LiION"?

For the tooltip, I thing there is no place for "LiION". Too technical.

> * Should we include any device information at all, e.g. LiION or
> Logitech?

I think not.

> * Should "System" be replaced with "PC" and "Laptop" as appropriate?

I think system should be enough.

> Thanks for any feedback,
> Richard.
> [1] it's much easier to decide the UI before you start programming...

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