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Hi Denoyse,

I believe your concern about the lack of contrast in non-focused window treatment has been mentioned before (and I share it).  I haven't seen mention of the dimming of window content though.

I only have one monitor but use the auto-splitting feature pretty heavily (window dragged to the side of the monitor re-sizes to take up half the monitor).  I don't see the text dimming in non-focused windows.  I opened an HTML file in gedit and am typing this email in a tbird window.  Both window's contents remain unchanged as I switch back and forth.

Could this be related to a multi-monitor setup?

In terms of usability, I'd say there is a strong case against dimming window content.  Just because a window doesn't have focus doesn't necessarily mean its contents are not being read.  The auto-split feature is a strong one and we should ensure it remains functional, and dimming contents of a window out of focus makes it harder to read the content.

That being said, this list might not be the most effective way to get this changed.  I'd suggest you could gather support for changing this design (assuming it is by design).  But the real development discussion is done in the Gnome Shell list [1].

Hope this was helpful,



On 04/24/2012 12:36 AM, denoyse wrote:
Hi Usability-List,

i wanted to give some voice to an idea for improvement and hope, this
is the right place - else tell me, where to post the following test

I noticed, that inactive windows are grayed out. On the one hand, it
surely clarifies, which window is active. On the other hand, for a
two-monitor-user like me, reading text in the inactive windows becomes
harder considered for example gedit. In gedit, not only the window
title and the buttons become grayed out, but also the text - thus
making it harder to read. Is there a way to set an option in gconf?
Wouldn't it be a good idea not to gray out a windows content in future

Hope this idea gets a bit of attention...

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