Re: [Usability] State of the HIG?

Hey Phil,

On Thu, 2011-03-10 at 15:51 +0200, Phil Bull wrote:
> Hi guys,
> There's a GNOME documentation hackfest happening in Toronto next week,
> where we'll be working on user docs and dev docs. One item on the list
> is the HIG - it would be nice to be able to ship 3.0 with an up-to-date
> HIG of some description, even if it's not the full, finished, final
> product.
> How are things looking with the HIG? We can handle formatting,
> presentation, etc., all that matters for now is the material.

I'm afraid that you probably need to strike the HIG off your list. There
is barely any material right now, and it is all in an experimental
state. The HIG 3 will happen, but we'll be targeting a future release.

I'd really like the GNOME 3 porting guide in good shape for the release
[1] however, and there are a few pages of draft developer documentation
that you might be interested in (though you should probably check with
their authors before shipping them) [2, 3].

Best wishes,




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