Re: [Usability] State of the HIG?

Hi Kirk,

On Thu, 2011-03-10 at 08:36 -0800, Kirk Bridger wrote:
> A few of us were working on the structure and general approach of the
> HIG back in the late fall.  Since then we haven't been able to gain
> any momentum on the project due to conflicting priorities.
> We may be able to put some rough version together but I can't say for
> sure.  Calum is putting together some ideas and we may have more to
> report in the near term.
> Sorry I can't offer any more insight - hopefully Calum or Allan can
> pipe in with a little more detail.

Thanks for the update. How much material do people have already? It
doesn't have to be anywhere near approaching final draft quality - notes
(even handwritten ones!) and sketches are enough for us to be getting
started with.

This is time-critical for us (the hackfest is next week), so anything
that you guys can provide would be very welcome.



Phil Bull
Book -

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