Re: [Usability] Usability Plans for GUADEC


There has been no response, but I am still hopeful that there is an
interest in having some Usability BOF sessions.  I went ahead and
updated the schedule so that we allocated 14:00-18:00 on Monday,
June 26th in room 1 for a "Usability BOF".

Does this work for people?  If not, we can reschedule to a different
time, but I wanted to make sure that we allocated some slots before
they all get taken.

It would be good to spend some time thinking about and discussing how
we can use our time together at GUADEC.  It's only 2 months away.


On 05/11/10 08:48 PM, Brian Cameron wrote:

GNOME Usability Team:

Following the dynamic GNOME Usability Hackfest in London last February,
it is now a good time to consider what the next steps will be. With
GUADEC approaching in just 2 months, this should be a good opportunity
for the GNOME Usability community to get together again and continue
working on some of the things that we started last February.

The GUADEC organizers have recently announced that it is now time
to start scheduling BOF Sessions. Do people from the GNOME Usability
community have any ideas or suggestions of what BOF sessions should be
set aside for Usability related topics? With GNOME 3 around the corner
it seems it would be a waste to not take advantage of this opportunity
to work together. Refer here:

Aside from setting up some BOF sessions, should the GNOME Usability
team plan to set aside any additional time to focus on doing Usability
tasks? For example, at the GNOME Usability Hackfest, card sorting
seemed to be quite popular, and GUADEC may be a good time to organize
some similar activities. This sort of thing would not really be a BOF,
but if we start planning now, we can make sure that we have the
resources and room available to do some Usability activities like this.


P.S. Looking at the BOF schedule I notice that there are already two
timeslots set aside for a "DesignThinkingWorkshop". Is this related
to Usability? I have not seen any announcements or information about
what this BOF is about.

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