[Usability] Tabs consistency in gnome applications


After a little discussion with empathy's maintainer (Xavier), I would
like to have an advise of the usability team.
As described by Xavier on the bugzilla[1] tabs across gnome
applications are displayed and handled differently:

> 1) epiphany, firefox and nautilus have a fixed size for tabs;
> 2) gnome-terminal and pidgin use the full width as does empathy;
> 3) gedit uses variable size depending on the name of the edited file;
> 4) gajim uses variable size with a Max width per tab.

And what about if there is only one tab displayed? Should the tabs bar
always be present? Should it be configurable by the user?

There is already a tab policy in the GUI guidelines but it may not fits
correctly in these case where tabs may be opened/closed/moved by the

So what do you think?


Laurent Bigonville

[1] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=548260#c4

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